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FAQ ( We are adding and still working on this page, this page is not finish) )

1. How do I know your booking Guidelines Policy?

We currently have so many clients ask the questions about booking guidelines. So we will post it here again to make sure everyone is on the same page 😘

Most salons after 3 weeks and 1 day. They will charge you a Full Set. At Dream Beauty, to help our clients save money for the long-term. We still offer 3 or 4 week refill with a reasonable price. We hope it helps our clients to keep up with their eyelash extensions. So Please make sure you come back before 4 wk to avoid a FULL SET charge.

One last thing we want you to notice. We don’t do 2 and a half week or 3 and a half week refills with Classic, Hybrid, or Russian Volume.

We know at most of the salons if you wait longer than 1 day they will consider it a week extra. So if it’s 2 wk and 1 day they will charge you for 3 weeks. To make it Fair and to avoid negotiating in the future:

This is how we book. If it’s under 3 days. We will make it even for you. If it’s over 3 days please consider it for 1 more week refill.

Example: if it’s 2 weeks and 3 days. We will book you in for 2 weeks.

If it’s 2 weeks and 4 days. We will book you in for 3 weeks.

🙏There is no exception !!!

we aim to provide our clients with exceptional service while using the right technique. Please remember we take pride in our work and we take our time to make you look and feel beautiful. Prices varies at many places and artist but when it comes to quality don’t rush, don’t go for the lower price. 😉

NOT OUR WORK but for this client, her natural lashes got damaged because they did not separate her lashes. It’s extremely painful when there’s glue on your natural lashes which can also cause damage. 

1. How do I know your booking Guidelines Policy?

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