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Policy - Clients Signature Required

Natural Cosmetics

Policy - Clients Signature Required 

Dream Beauty Lash&Brow  

7 Bridge st, unit 6, Billerica, MA


Dear valued clients,


We truly appreciate your support! To ensure a smooth experience, please take a moment to go through our policies:


**Appointment Policy:**

- Your punctuality matters, appointments auto-cancel after 15 mins, and will count as a no shown. Coming late to your appointment will affect the final results of your service. We can't guarantee our work quality on a rush service.

- Appointments must cancel or reschedule 48 hrs in advance. We understand that emergency may come up but we can’t allow any exceptions. It’s time consuming and our time is also valuable as everyone.


- A 40% charge applies for cancellations within 48 hrs and after 2 instances or one no-show. We won’t be able to reschedule you in the future.


- First come, first served. secure your spot by booking ahead. No last-minute guarantees.


- No refunds for services.

Eyelash Extensions Policy:


- Clients acknowledge the potential risks associated with treatments. Clients are responsible for following our pre-care and after-care instructions for the treatment.


Attention New Clients: We prefer to not work on other artists/salon work. So if you want to start fresh with our Full Set, It will be great! But if you still prefer to only book for a refill at our shop, when you come in for your appointment. We have to see how full the extensions on your lashes are. If there are no lashes or less than 30%. You will get charged for a FULL SET. Also since you become our client, you must follow our policy in the Booking guidelines. Clients can't cut short our services. We need enough time to perfect your lashes. We can't guarantee our work quality on a rush service or on other artist/salon work.

- Please note: 30 mins Touch up is perfect for clients who need to make them perfect for before a vacation, events,  or party. Touch up can't replace the refill because the time of the service is too short. We recommend clients still book for the refill on time. Please don't cut short our service time. Because rushing can't achieve the level that will result in good work.

​Attention Please Read!!

- Please, notify us immediately if dissatisfied. We offer to do a 30 mins FREE correction or a FREE REMOVAL. 

- Complaints must be raised within 3 days. Please give us a chance for correction. While we always strive to provide our best service, we understand that everyone's expectations are different. In some cases, we may not meet your specific standards. We apologize for any inconvenience. Cients might want to explore other artists at a different shop for a better experience.

- Please send all your complaints to 978 715 9345.

Important notice:


We recommend that clients arrive approximately 5 minutes early for their appointment to complete paperwork (some forms require a signature) and use the restroom. This ensures that both parties are ready by the scheduled appointment time.

For the aftercare of all services, please ensure that you follow all the pre-care and after-care information we have provided to you for optimal results.

Booking Guidelines for First-Time Clients:

Every day, our bodies naturally shed 5-7 natural lashes as part of the routine. Please don't panic or worry, this is why we recommend coming back for a Refill appointment.

The refill appointment duration is calculated from the date you left the salon to the date you return. We suggest returning every 2 weeks for a refill.

While many salons charge a Full Set after 3 weeks, at Dream Beauty, we offer 3 or 4-week refills at a reasonable price to help clients save money in the long term. Ensure you return before 4 weeks to avoid a FULL SET charge.

A crucial note: We do not offer 2 and a half week or 3 and a half week refills with Classic, Hybrid, or Russian Volume.

We understand that some salons may charge for 3 weeks if you wait longer than 2 weeks and even 1 day. To maintain fairness and avoid future negotiations, here's how we handle bookings: if it's under 3 days, we'll make it even for you. If it's over 3 days, please consider it a 1-week refill.

Example: If it's 2 weeks and 3 days, we'll book you in for 2 weeks. If it's 2 weeks and 4 days, we'll book you in for 3 weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

By signing this agreement, you agree to comply with these terms.

Client Name: _________________________
Client Signature: ______________________


Natural Cosmetics

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