Appointment Policies


Your appointment will be automatically canceled after 15 mins late of the scheduled time and will count as a no show. Also, there will be a non refundable deposit.


Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance. We understand that emergencies come up but We cannot allow any exceptions.

Clients cancel their appointment last minute 2 times or no shows after 1 time, will have to make a 50% deposit of their next appointment if the client would like to continue their service with us.


When you agree to let us provide the service . Which means you will take on all the risks of allergy reactions and are non refundable.  Also you will be responsible for your aftercare and booking your next appointment.


Information notice:


For Eyelash Extension: We suggest client come to appointment early about 10-15 mins to do paperwork and use the lady room, wash your by the time the rooms are ready. Clients are ready! Please keep in mind, after 4 weeks is a FULL SET. no exception.


For aftercare of all services: Please make sure you follow all the pre-care and after-care information that we have sent to you by text message for great results. Also you can look up for more information on our website.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank You and We are looking forward to meet you all.